Questions? (We hope so...)
It's always best to talk to someone you trust with your questions about sex, identity, sexual health and relationships -- you'd be surprised at how helpful your parents can be! :-) Still, lots of people get shy when talking about sex. Or maybe you find that you need more information after a helpful conversation. In that case, the internet can be a great place to get information, with a . . . 

WARNING. It is important to remember that ANYONE can put information up on the net so be sure to look carefully at who is posting the information and always try to check out what you read at a couple of sites to make sure it's true. Also, if you get into a chat room with other youth, NEVER give out personal information (like your address or phone number) and NEVER agree to meet someone you only know on the net. With that said, when inquiring minds want to know ...



  • a fantastic site with all the information you could ever want about sexual health, sexuality and relationships. This site also has a way to find a health clinic in your area (or you can call 1.800.230.PLAN). Plus, as a bonus, there are movies, games and an interactive diagram of sexual organs.

  • lots of information on sexually transmitted diseases and a really good glossary with everything from abstinence to zygote! It even includes a section for parents if they have any questions you can't answer :-)

  • a great resource for all sorts of information about sex and sexual identity. Also, if you have an inner activist yearning to break free, this is a great way to join up with some cool movements by and for people under 25!

  • everything from body image to pregnancy -- this is a site by and for teens with tons of information and resources.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning?

  • is a great place to connect with other young people who are coming out or questioning their sexual identity!
  • with lots of coming out stories, information on sexuality and gender, and ways to link to other young people.
  • A really cool activist organization run totally by young people! This group provides information and has a place to search for an LGBTO group in your area.

Religion and Sexuality

These resources were developed in 2004 by Jenna Tiitsman and David Lewicki for a youth program at First Presbyterian Church of New Haven. The suggested resources have been carefully selected, but we cannot assure their content will remain helpful and appropriate in the future.