For Parents...

Young people today receive many messages about sexual health, sexuality and relationships from their friends, music, TV, movies, magazines, etc. We're hoping to open space so that the church and parents can also have a strong guiding voice, helping young people nurture and care for God's gift of sexuality.

A successful conversation about sex and sexuality helps youth develop the following:

  • A clear set of values
  • A base of accurate information
  • A strong sense of self worth
  • Decision making and communication skills
The best conversation is ongoing and responds to young people as they mature and confront new situations. It is very helpful for parents to be clear about their values but not close the conversation by being judgmental or critical as youth develop their own values and sense of self.

No one is completely comfortable talking about sex. If you are interested in further resources, try:

The list of "Great Sites ... You Can Trust" can answer many of children and young people's questions. However, we always advocate conversations with trustworthy adults who can better shape their responses to the particular questions, situations and perspectives a young person is exploring...and who can be a firm support for the unfolding lessons of a life in faith.

These resources were developed in 2004 by Jenna Tiitsman and David Lewicki for a youth program at First Presbyterian Church of New Haven. The suggested resources have been carefully selected, but we cannot assure their content will remain helpful and appropriate in the future.