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  2 November 2015 -- Presbyterian Promise published the 39th issue of our newsletter. Read it here!

12 September 2015 -- First Presbyterian, Hartford and Presbyterian Promise had a booth at the renewed Hartford PRIDE.

20 June 2015 -- Providence Presbyterian and Presbyterian Promise were part of RI PRIDE again this year.

13 June 2015 -- Presbyterian Promise joined area Presbyterian churches at Fairfield Pride. This was our first time at this PRIDE.

9 April 2015 -- The thirty-eighth issue of Presbyterian Promise News was mailed today. As always, it is online as well. This issue covers marriage and our new efforts with young people. 

28 March 2015, West Hartford -- At its meeting today, the Presbyterian Promise board considered a proposed open letter to the leadership of the Presbyterian Church (USA) presented by Ray Bagnuolo of That All May Freely Serve. The letter expressed concern over the Religious Freedom Restoration Act recently adopted in Indianna and encouraged our denomination to speak out about the issues and to think carefully about planning events like youth Triennium in Indianna if the law were not removed or "fixed." The Board decided to send  its own similar letter to the Revs. Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk, Heath Rada, Moderator and Larissa Kwong Abazia, Vice-Moderator.

A few days later, Parsons published a response to the Indianna law through the PC USA News, in which he affirmed denominational committment to non-discrimination and indicated that the planning of events in Indianna was under review. Graciously stated, this was a strong affirmation of the place of LGBT people in this denomination. The Board's letter may be read here. Parsons's response is here.

20 - 21 March 2015, Storrs CT -- Presbyterian Promise was present at the True Colors Annual Conference at Univeristy of Connecticut. Board member Tricia Petraven offered an arts workshop. Here are some scenes from our table.

7 February 2015, Middletown, CT -- The Queer Resources Center of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life at Wesleyan University, along with Presbyterian Promise, hosted a gathering for conversation. 

The panel conversation was exciting.

7 February 2015 -- At its meeting today, thePresbytery of Southern New England voted to approve the proposed amendment 14-F on Marriage. The vote was 65 yes, 43 no, 2 abstentions. After a period of discussion and questions, the body said a prayer liturgy, a time of silence and voted by paper ballot.

18 January 2015 -- Presbyterian Promise's fourteenth Annual Meeting was held at First Presbyterian Church in Hartford, CT. Dan Blackford (Providence), Christine Caton (PSNE), Jane Hindenlang (New Haven), Marie MacKellar (West Hartford) and June O'Neil (Hartford) were elected to the board. 

Robin McHaelen, of True Colors, Inc. joined Anne Marie Meyerhoffer for a conversaation about what's going on for LGBTQI youth in Connecticut. We will be responding to some of her insights over then next months.

See the Annual Report here.

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