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20 December 2014 -- A celebration of the Chrit's anticipated birth was held at board member Tricia Petraven's.

10 July 2014 -- The 37th issue of Presbyterian Promise News is mailed and emailed.

21 June 2014 -- This was the eleventh time Provience Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Promise have had a booth at RI PRIDE. The weather was perfect and the crowd was happy and welcoming. We had news to share about our recent General Assembly and marriage.... See Dan Blackford's article in our Newsletter.

23 February 2014 --  The thirteenth annual meeting of Presbyterian Promise was held today at First Presbyterian Church in New Haven CT. Dick Hasbany (New Haven: First), Teddy Hogle (New Haven: First), Cheryl Johnson (Hartford: First), Ralph Jones (New Haven: First), and John Wittlieff (Milford: United) were elected to the board. Presbyterian Promise thanked the Rev.Gail Faithfull for her service to the board and the movement.

Alex McNeill, the new executive director of More Light Presbyterians joined the Rev. Bill Goettler and Candidate Margaret Fox in a panel discussion of "Shaping the Future."

See the Annual Report here.

30 January 2014 -- The thirty-sixth issue of Presbyterian Promise News was mailed, and e-mailed, today

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