September 27, 2008  -- The 23rd edition of Presbyterian Promise News is mailed!

September 7, 2008 -- Worship and conversation at Wilton Presbyterian Church.

June 21-28, 2008 -- The General Assembly met in San Jose, California. The Assembly took several significant actions directly related to the mission of Presbyterian Promise:

  • Sending the presbyteries a Constitutional amendment that would replace the present G-6.0106b.
  • Nullifying the past Authoritative Interpretations restricting ordination.
  • Clarifying the application of PC USA ordination standards
  • Beginning a process of correcting the translation of the Heidelberg Confession.
  • They defeated the proposal to redefine marriage.
These documents and additional resources are available here>

Our work is before us! Hallelujah!

June 7, 2008 -- Presbyterian Promise and First Presbyterian Church of Hartford were exhibitors at Hartford Pride. It was a fun day.

May 21, 2008 -- Presbyterian Promise publishes our 22nd newsletter! Covering: 

  • the recent conference of groups seeking a more hospitable PC (USA), 
  • the issues before the coming General Assembly,
  • one of the "Myths" that hold us back,
  • Love Makes a Family's work with churches for marriage equality in Connecticut,
  • plans for a Stole for Letty Russell,
  • an update on TAMFS,
  • and our Calendar: Connecticut and Rhode Island Pride in June and a PICNIC in July.

March 6, 2008 -- New Haven CT. 
Representatives of various progressive Presbyterian advocacy groups, assisted by the Carpenter Foundation and Plowshares Institute, met last weekend at Stony Point Conference Center in Stony Point , New York, to inform and support each of the various groups in their work towards a more inclusive Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Through discussion and collaboration, the representatives agreed that it is important for all of the groups to continue to educate and inform the members of the PC(USA) of our hope for a church that will eliminate the barriers to full participation by all people to ordained service in our church and Jesus Christ.  Each group brings with it a different approach and a diverse membership, but our unity lies in our vision of a welcoming and inclusive church.

The upcoming General Assembly in San Jose will offer commissioners the opportunity to make significant strides in that direction and itís the hope of each group to offer a variety of resources, both individually and collectively, that will aid the commissioners in sharing our vision.

Dick Hasbany, Presbyterian Promise:

2 March 2008 -- Hartford CT. 
Good News!! First Presbyterian Church, Hartford, CT celebrated affiliation and ministry as More Light Presbyterian Church today 

The National Board of Directors of More Light Presbyterians is delighted to announce that the Session of First Presbyterian Church, Hartford, voted unanimously to affiliate, minister and witness as a More Light Presbyterian Church in the context of  their long history of mission commitments to the community of Hartford and presbytery.

First Presbyterian Church celebrated this new ministry and witness with a special More Light Sunday service with guest preacher, Heather Reichgott. Heather is a graduate of San Francisco Theological Seminary and a Candidate for Ministry in the Presbyterian Church (USA). 

First Presbyterian Church, Hartford, has a long and rich history of commitment to social justice, community mission and peacemaking. Founded in 1851, the church has stood at the heart of the city and faithfully served Hartford and its people for 152 years. First Presbyterian Church looks forward to serving for another century and more as a congregation committed to multicultural ministry. Rev. Terry Davis began serving as pastor in 1997. Through its support of Presbyterian Promise, First Presbyterian Church, Hartford has been among six Presbyterian churches in the Presbytery of Southern New England working for the full welcome and affirmation of LGBT Presbyterians and their families. 

Of First Presbyterian Church, Hartford's decision, Michael J. Adee, National Field Organizer, More Light Presbyterians, said: "Each time a church recognizes the need and opportunity to offer sanctuary, advocacy and witness to the fact that God's Love, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and their own faith community are to be made available to all of God's children -- not just some -- and to make clear the welcome to God's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children and their families, this is an occasion for joy and celebration!" 

Adapted from More Light Presbyterians release

27 January 2008 -- New Haven, CT. 
Presbyterian Promise held its Seventh Annual Meeting at First Presbyterian Church in New Haven. New officers were elected and programs discussed, as were the several overtures to the upcoming General Assembly being considered by this presbytery. See the details here>

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