19 November -- The Presbytery of Southern New England, meeting at First Presbyterian in New Haven, passes an overture calling on our denomination to delete G-6.0106b and its supporting interpretations in the name of reconciliation. The vote was 72 yes, 56 no, with 1 abstention. The text of the overture is here.

29 October -- The second Reconciling Dialogue Project event invites the LGBT community to a pilot workshop at First Presbyterian in New Haven.

22 October -- Rev. Marvin Ellison, Preofessor of Christian Ethics at Bangor Theological Seminary,  led a workshop on the ethical and personal issues related to same gender relationships and marriage at Westminster Presbyterian Church in West Hartford CT. The next day, he preached at Wilton Presbyterian Church in Wilton CT.

24 September -- Pres Prom has its booth at the 2005 Hartford Pride Rally and Festival.

15 September -- Presbyterian Promise announces that Plowshares Institute will lead its Reconciling Dialogue Project. This major new effort is detailed in Presbyterian Promise News # 17

10 September -- The board holds a retreat with Plowshares Institute at Crossroads Presbyterian Church to begin the work of the Reconciling Dialogue Project.

18 June -- Presbyterian Promise participates in this year's Rhode Island Pride celebration.

22 May 2005 -- Presbyterian Promise News # 16 is published.

16 May 2005 -- With great joy and hope, Presbyterian Promise announces its intention to hire a coordinator for the exciting new Reconciling Dialogue Project.

Our commitment to speak prophetically and effectively in our churches and in the life of the presbytery continues. Presbyterian Promise announces a bold experiment in reconciliation and pastoral nurture the Reconciling Dialogue Project. We are currently seeking applications from creative, well-organized, and spiritually mature persons who may feel called upon in their Christian life to coordinate this Project. 
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30 January 2005 -- New Haven, CT. Presbyterian Promise held its Fourth Annual Meeting in the new assembly room at First Presbyterian Church in New Haven. See the full report. News from 2000