News - 2003

14 November 2003, New Haven CT -- Presbyterian Promise mails its thirteenth newsletter.

9 November 2003, New Haven CT -- At its board meeting today, Presbyterian Promise recognized that many Presbyterians have limited access to information about denominational "doings." To that end, we decided to offer a resource of information around issues going before the upcoming 216th General Assembly which meets June 26 in Richmond VA.

As a beginning, here is a compilation of Overtures concerning removal of G-6.0106b (the paragraph intended to exclude GLBT people from ordination). We will attempt to update this page as we find additional information.

27 April 2003, Stamford CT -- A joyous crowd of worshipers commissioned the Rev. Cliff Frasier today as he prepares to begin his six month sentence for non-violent civil disobedience protesting the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. Katherine Brown, represented by her parents as her sentence has already begun, was also commissioned. More information and pictures are available on the new Presbyterian Welcome website -

8 April 2003, New Haven CT – Presbyterian Promise, joined by Presbyterian Welcome and the Act of Conscience Churches of Hudson River announce a special worship service, “A Witness for Peace,” at First Presbyterian Church in Stamford CT on Sunday 27 April 2003 at 4 P.M.  The occasion for this service is the beginning of the Rev. Cliff Frasier’s six month term in federal prison for his recent non-violent civil disobedience protesting the United State’s government’s Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation [WHINSEC]. The Institute was formerly known as the School of the Americas [SOA]. Frasier’s term begins 27 May. Click here for more information. Click here for flyer.

26 March 2003 -- The eleventh issue of Presbyterian Promise News was mailed today with stories on new church members, outreach to youth, the importance of invitation, our conversation with Christ Church, Presbyterian in Burlington VT and Love Makes a Family in Connecticut.

18 March 2003 -- The Session of Crossroads Presbyterian Church in Waterford CT voted this evening to become the fifth sponsoring member of Presbyterian Promise!

19 January 2003 - At its second annual meeting, members of Presbyterian Promise learned there is now a fourth sponsoring church! At its January meeting the session of Providence Presbyterian Church in Providence, Rhode Island, voted to become a sponsoring member. Co-moderator Dick Hasbany welcomed them cordially as all present celebrated their committment to an inclusive Presbyterian church. Here is the report from the meeting.

Another highlight of the meeting was a time of conversation with the pastors and two members of Christ Church, Presbyterian in Burlington, Vermont. Co-pastors Becky Strader and Mike Brown and members Al and Sue Brooks shared some of their history -- how the church became a More Light congregation back in 1984, their experience with the various challenges to their statements on what became G-6.0106b and the development of their new "Statement of Compliance." Conversation turned to ways Presbyterians can be both faithful and continue within a denomination which so often acts to exclude. The Statement and a brief chronology are available in the December 2002 issue of Presbyterian Promise News

In regular business, Elders Mary-Starke Wilson and Dan Blackford and the Rev. Brian Merritt  were elected to the board in the class of 2005. Rev. Letty Russell was elected in the class of 2003, filling the vacancy left when Rev. Barbara Hager resigned. Elders Dick Hasbany, Cheryl Molina, Pat Wales and Ralph Jones continue in service as does Jack Hartwein-Sanchez, MLP liaison. Elaine Shields, Rev. Terry Davis and Sharon Fennema serve for the Wilton, Hartford and New Haven churches, respectively.

The Treasurer reported Presbyterian Promise in good financial condidtion, although not yet at the point where it is ready to hire staff. Finding and hiring a person to give the ministry new focus remains a major goal for the coming year.

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