News from 2000

9 November 2000 -- Providence, RI -- At an event hosted by  University Chaplains Janet Cooper Nelson, Sakena Young-Scaggs and Jennifer Rankin, and facilitated by Presbyterian Promise, Janie Spahr and Virginia Davidson met with students and friends at Brown University. 
Ginny and Janie being introduced to Brown students
Photo Hartwein-Sanchez
The evening began with a time of storytelling and sharing. One student asked how to combine the freedom of liberal theology with the spiritual vitality of more traditional worship. Another asked Janie why she stays in the Presbyterian Church. It was a great joy to experience the honesty, openness and caring of all these people.

8 November 2000 -- Stamford, CT -- at 10:00 PM Elder Osborne received a call informing him that a stay had been granted barring his installation pending appeal of the Stamford case to the General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission. 

8 November 2000 -- New Haven, CT -- A serendipitous event occurred at the opening of a luncheon for Covenant Network people in the Presbytery of Southern New England. The Decision by the Permanent Judicial Commission of the Synod of the Northeast in the appeal of the case brought against the Session of the First Presbyterian Church in Stamford, CT arrived. The Synod PJC did not sustain the appeals and ruled that the church could go forward with the installation of Wayne Osborne, the openly gay elder they had elected in 1999.

The luncheon gathered over thirty signers of the Network's Call to Covenant Community for worship. Discussion followed of the request for concurrence with the Northern New England overture asking for deletion of G-6.0106b from our Book of Order and of the proposed amendments 00-A deleting certain inclusive language and 00-O prohibiting a variety of pastoral blessings. Those gathered sought diligently to find ways of healing the fear and hurt with the Presbytery of Southern New England while also seeking to end the discriminatory practices which hurt our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered members, families and neighbors.

7 November 2000 -- New Haven, CT -- This evening Janie Spahr and Virginia Davidson joined Letty Russell and the students of the Yale Divinity School course on Readings in Gay, Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Theology (or Queer Theology). The subject of the discussion was Sensuality and Spirituality. Janie spoke movingly about her pilgrimage toward finding her joy in ministry from the freedom of finding herself. Students asked about how one moves toward that freedom of being truly oneself and whether there are liturgical disciplines which might guide and help.

3 November 2000 -- Presbyterian Promise News # 3 is published.

25 October 2000 -- A letter from the pastors of the six churches is sent to all commissioners to the November presbytery meeting.

October 2000 -- Two additional sessions -- Greenwich and New Canaan -- join in the request for concurrence.

September 2000 -- Four church sessions ask PSNE to Concur with Northern New England Presbytery's overture 00-13 asking General Assembly to delete G-6.0106b. The sessions are those of the Hartford, Providence, New Haven: First and Wilton churches. The Proposed Concurrence is available.

26 July 2000 -- Our second Newsletter! is available

1 July 2000 -- Reactions, stories about General Assembly and see our Photo Essay.

31 May 2000 -- Presbyterian Promise publishes its first Newsletter!View it on line or email us for a print copy.

24 May 2000 -- Presbyterian Promise board met.

22 May 2000 -- General Assembly Permanent Judicial Commission announces its decisions in two cases affecting gay/lesbian/bisexual and trangender people. A third case, brought by the Presbytery of Northern New England, is delayed until July. See the texts linked in Cases.

15 April 2000 -- Stamford matter is appealed to the Synod of the Northeast Permanent Judicial Commission, which stays the installation.

14 April 2000  -- Permanent Judicial Commission of the Presbytery of Southern New England announces its Opinion and lifts the stay on the installation of Wayne Osborne by First Presbyterian Church, Stamford CT. See Story: