Our Mission Statement
To proclaim God's promise of justice and love in Jesus Christ by organizing inclusive and inquiring churches in the Presbytery of Southern New England into a community of mutual support for the empowerment of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender persons, and for outreach, education, and Christian evangelism.

Annual Meeting

February 18th

Film with Tony Ferraiolo

True Colors Conference

March 16 - 17, 2018

Waterford CT
First Presbyterian Church
Hartford CT
First Presbyterian Church
New Haven CT
First Presbyterian Church
Stamford CT
Providence Presbyterian Church
Providence RI
Westminster Presbyterian Church
West Hartford CT
Wilton Presbyterian Church
Wilton CT
TAMFS Help & Referral Line – 1-914-217-4173

“We want to make sure that when anyone, anywhere who is LGBT/Q in the PC(USA) needs help — that there is always someone on  the other end of the line: to be there; to listen; ready to help; and to make sure they know God loves them and they are not alone.”

believes the time has come to live out God’s call to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” This is a call to an inclusive love that welcomes all people to God’s table. That invitation is central to the Gospel. God calls us to embrace those who have been excluded or marginalized, to welcome them into the fold, and to honor their call and their desire to serve God. Presbyterian Promise is committed to a vision of a just and inclusive church.
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